Specified Skilled Worker (Subtitle in Cambodian) ▶3:27
Learn Essential Verbs in Cambodian. ▶27:32
Lost city discovered in Cambodian jungle ▶2:52
Learn Weather in Cambodian - Vocabulary and Phrases ▶16:05
Popular Vietnamese Food In Cambodian Market - Khmer Street food ▶8:11
Life in Cambodian Slums (Phnom Penh): Interviewing a Slum Resident ▶2:34
How to use "WHEN...?" in Cambodian Language ▶17:10
🧵 Cambodian Fashion | Living In Cambodia | Lifestyle. ▶4:19
How to Use "FIRST" in Cambodian Language. ▶16:48
Students in Cambodia Want to Learn English ▶3:02
YouTuber constructs large beehive in Cambodian jungle ▶10:13
How to Introduce Yourself in Cambodian Language ▶3:35
Feast in Cambodian Village ▶6:48
Useful Phrases In Cambodian You Need To Know ▶17:30
How to make "SENTENCES" in Cambodian. ▶20:29
How to Use "BEFORE" in Cambodian Language. ▶19:00
Asian American Hidden Communities | Cambodian Community in the Bronx ▶7:02
📜 Cambodian Women In Society | Retire In Cambodia | Living In Cambodia. ▶4:53
How to use the word " បាន - baan " in Cambodian Language. ▶16:19
Learn How To Introduce Yourself In Cambodian Language ▶11:19
Cambodia Street Food - Authentic KHMER CURRY FEAST and Vietnamese Pho in Phnom Penh! ▶18:55
How to make Negative Form with Auxiliary Verb "Do/Does" in Cambodian. ▶4:58
A normal day in Cambodia ▶31:11
Investing in Cambodian garments ▶4:10
Women Selling Khmer Popular Desserts In Cambodian Market - Cambodian Street Food ▶6:57
Cambodian Food in Kampot ▶28:57
Cambodian in America (Boomtown lobster buffet in Reno, NV) ▶1:18:59
My Life as a Cambodian-American ▶19:26
How to Greet Others in Khmer ▶1:10
Cambodian in America (Chanthou's new floor party) ▶35:46
Cambodian in America (Fires in California) ▶55:12
❤️ Dating In Cambodia | Retire in Cambodia❤️ ▶3:30
Cambodia’s Orphan Business: The Dark Side of ‘Voluntourism’ ▶25:52
Cambodian in America (Khmerican wedding in Sacramento,CA) ▶1:54:25
More Cambodian Immigrants In America Getting Deported Under The Trump Administration ▶4:36
Cambodian in America (Day 62 - Another day of work ) ▶49:04
Cambodia Travel - Live Music in Cambodian Restaurant ▶3:27
The flooded Cambodian villagers who refuse to move on - BBC News ▶6:24
A Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Rural Minnesota ▶4:47
Cambodian in America (Fun Sunday for the kids) ▶1:14:49
Cambodia Nightlife - Hostess Bars & Girls ▶32:00
Beautiful Girls Selling Khmer Popular Snacks In Cambodian Market - Cambodian Food @Yum Yum Siblings ▶11:55
Beautiful Girls Selling Khmer Popular Snacks In Cambodian Market - Cambodian Food @Yum Yum Siblings ▶54:52
Cambodian in America (My full Sunday) ▶1:04:17
Cambodian in America (A trip to Rancho Seco Park?) ▶46:02
Cambodian in America (Day - 8/8 Phally-Sopheap's visit - last day) ▶18:57
1 Day CAMBODIAN STREET FOOD TOUR - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! ▶3:23
In Cambodia, a City of Towering Temples in the Forest | National Geographic ▶43:20
Cambodia Travel - Two days in Siem Reap: Cambodian Food, Cheap Hotels, Street Scenes, Angkor Wat ▶1:13:58
Cambodia Travel - Two days in Siem Reap: Cambodian Food, Cheap Hotels, Street Scenes, Angkor Wat ▶54:58
Cambodian people gather fishing in dry season ▶3:23
Cambodian Girls Who Got Dragged Into Prostitution (Trafficking Documentary) | Real Stories ▶1:08
Local demand fuels Cambodian child prostitution - 21 Oct 08 ▶1:08:26
Kittamuk Pinnarong | Pretty Girl in cambodia | Khmer Hot news | Cambodia News *5 ▶1:57
Cambodian in America (Day 73 - Backyard construction day) ▶5:12
First Cambodian-American woman elected in US ▶13:46
Currency in Cambodia: How it works. Khmer Riel & USD ( Money ) ▶58:26
cambodian american culture differences ▶59:59
Cambodian in America (Day 70 - Wow 70 days and still quarantine) ▶1:12
Cambodian in America (ThanksGiving 2019 Party) ▶13:13
How to say hello in Khmer/ Learn Khmer ▶40:17
Learning Khmer: Most common 100 words in Cambodian or English | Let's learn Khmer ▶59:57
Khmer Wedding - Traditional Wedding Engagement In Cambodian ▶3:11
Cambodian in America (A trip to San Francisco - SFO) ▶12:24
Cambodian Refugees in US Reflect on Failures in Resettlement Process ▶18:31
Eating Cambodian Cheese (Prahok) in Siem Reap ▶29:22
Cambodian in America (Annual carpet cleaning day) ▶45:37
In US, Traditional Khmer Dance Unites Cambodian American Community ▶13:51
Cambodian in America (The fireworks on Independence Day 2020) ▶59:55
Cambodian in America (Khmer-Mexican wedding in Stockton,CA) ▶2:54
Cambodian BREAKFAST BBQ & Traditional FOOD MARKET in Phnom Penh ▶59:03
Child Sex Trade in Cambodia - NBC --13 Ju ▶57:55
Cambodian in America (Pchum ben 2018 in Stockton, California) ▶9:45
Cambodian in America (Visited David, shopping and YAYa house) ▶21:46
Westerner Living In A Cambodian Village (stilt house) ▶41:28
The Cambodian Immigrants Deported For Their Crimes ▶41:44
All Phrases You Need for Daily Conversation in Cambodian ▶1:04:25
Cambodian in America (Happy Halloween 2019) ▶12:28
Cambodian in America (Day 87 - A beautiful day at Lodi Lake) ▶9:24
Natural Living In Cambodian Market - Market Food In Phnom Penh - Village Food ▶1:09:40
Cambodian businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in Long Beach ▶10:55
Cambodian in America (Khmer dance party in Stockton,CA) ▶10:06
Sojiwan - In Cambodian Jungle! Park Spotlight 220: Planet Coaster ▶12:13
Komatsu PC 50 MR In Cambodian អេស្កាវ៉ាទ័រស្ដាររងដូង ចិញ្ចឹមត្រី ▶22:05
Let's learn sentences with FRUITS in Cambodian and it's name. ▶44:24
Cambodian in America (First day back - fish party) ▶10:36
Cambodian in America (Dinner at Soriya's house) ▶10:04
WOW Sexy Girl Fishing at battambang Province in cambodia Traditional Fishing(part73) ▶5:03
Beautiful Cambodian Girl Fishing 😵😍🐠🐟🐋🐬🌷 ▶17:07
Let's Learn Colors in Cambodian Language ▶10:13
Awesome dancing in Cambodian wedding ▶57:03
YouTuber constructs large beehive in Cambodian jungle ▶3:45
Things to do in Cambodia | Top Attractions Travel Guide ▶49:01
Cambodian Food in Phnom Penh Central Market ▶16:36
Cambodian in America (Day 67 - Memorial Day 2020) ▶34:36
Let's Learn "HOW...? / HOW..." in Cambodian Language. ▶31:29
Learn "PRONOUNS" in Cambodian Language. ▶22:29
Cambodian in America (Day 37 - part 1/2 Fixing a car) ▶50:38
Village Girl Getting Married in CAMBODIAN WEDDING ស្រីស្អាតរៀបការ ▶12:41
Cambodian in America (MoMo and Sokha’s house) ▶30:41
Girls, Bars and Love in Phnom Penh ❤ Best Cambodia Nightlife ❤ VLOG 024 ❤ ▶1:12:18
Cambodian in America (Easter Sunday 2019) ▶10:04
Amazing Street Food Review - Food Compilation In Cambodian Market 2020 ▶22:32
Street Food View In Market - Fresh Food Compilation In Phnom Penh - Cambodian Market ▶18:56
Cambodian in America (Day 28 - Stay-at-Home California) ▶
Cambodian Food - LIVE BLUE CRAB (Boiled Right Out of The Ocean) in Kep, Cambodia! ▶


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